What Type of Spender Are You?

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We all spend money each week, but business owners must often make big purchases to get machines, equipment, inventory, employees, and supplies. This is true for organizations like the Global Spiritualist Association. Sometimes we can develop bad spending habits, however. This can happen to individuals, business owners and even those who own large businesses. Check out the categories below to see where you fall as spender.

Impulsive Spender

Impulsive means just that. No forethought, no intentions … just spontaneous. Impulsive spenders run out any time they get the urge to buy something and go shopping. It doesn’t matter to them if they don’t need the items or if they don’t have the money to buy them.

Compulsive Spender

This shopper is driven to spend. They have a habit much like that of compulsive gamblers. The act of spending meets an emotional need that they may not fully understand.

Revenge Spender

You’ve created a budget and stuck to it and the money has been building in your bank account. Now it’s time to reward yourself for being so well disciplined. The trouble with this mindset is that you never do truly get any money saved.

Boredom Spender

This type of spending can be dangerous because it can happen before you ever realize what’s going on. Maybe you have too much time on your hands. Take up a hobby or volunteer at a local hospital but don’t let yourself get bored.

Status Spender

Many of us worry too much about what other people think. We try to impress our friends.

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The Global Spiritualist Association, founded by Zhang Xinyue provides good resources that can help business leaders build a stronger business. They are available to teach, mentor and assist. For more information about this organization, please visit their website.



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