How Contract Disputes Can Affect a Construction Site

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Summary: Construction projects rely on the accuracy of the contract, which directly correlates to its success.

Disputes in the construction industry often arise because project managers and other members of the team are not open to compromise and aren’t on the same page in terms of the contract. As a result, many of these disputes end up in court.

This article is designed to showcase some of the common issues in the industry and what steps are commonly taken to handle construction claims management.

Areas of Dispute

Conflict that occurs over the contract has become one of the main areas of dispute. These issues generally occur between the general contractor, owner, or subcontractor. Because contractors have a tendency to interpret the plans in a different manner, the owner may have a different vision than what the team is strategizing, especially when the plans are unclear.

There is often an implied warranty when it comes the owner to ensure that the plans are designed to be accurate and doable. However, there are common exculpatory clauses within the contract where the owner can put the blame on the contract instead.

Outside Work

Disputes over extra work and change orders can come down to the price of the order and whether the contractor is entitled to taking on more time. Frequently, the owner can request a price for the work but then disagree with the request of the extension, which limits the contractor’s ability to proceed.

This situation may leave all parties fighting over the amount at the end of the project. Unfortunately, the impact of this claim must wait until the project is completed to determine the impact on the construction project. Parties may hire a construction expert like Lyle Charles of Lyle Charles Consulting for help on how to proceed.

The Financial Keys Within an Executive Summary that Can Impact a Case

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Summary: In business, executives often only read the executive summary out of a large proposal. Follow this guideline to ensure your construction claims reader is fully informed when he or she reads your claim to maximize cost effectiveness.

In the case of a construction claim where the contractor is submitting the claim against the project owner, the reader of an executive summary is the owner’s executive. They should have a basic understanding of the project, the event that caused the claim, what the contractor wants, and why the contractor is entitled to it. The executive summary is the first line of defense in a good claim. However, in construction claim preparation, it may be the last step the preparer completes. It has six sections as follows:

  1. Title

This section outlines the project, the claim, the project owner, the construction contractors, and the date. It is just as its name suggests and identifies who is involved.

  1. Project Description

This should be no longer than one paragraph. It describes the parties involved, a general description of the overall project, and the work that is subject to the claim.

  1. Event

This section describes what happened and may include pictures or graphics.

  1. Proposal

This section lays out what the contractor wants from the project owner. It can include monetary compensation or simply more time to complete the project.

  1. Entitlement

This is where the contractor states why he or she has the right to file this claim.

  1. Summary

Restate what happened and how it affected the contractor’s project schedule.

As you can see, executive summaries are a crucial part of a claim. They hold a lot of important information and brief the reader on what’s to come. Firms like Lyle Charles for instance, can provide you with assistance on how to proceed with your executive summary.

Pre-Nup Agreement Is Not Always the Final Say

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Written by: Riley Khorram

If you are facing divorce, but can’t live with the pre-nup agreement you signed, you can contest it with the help of a Long Beach divorce attorney. Pre-nup agreements can anticipate a lot, but sometimes life takes turns that you wouldn’t dream up when you and your spouse signed your agreement.


Maybe your situation has changed vastly since the agreement was signed. Children often bring an unexpected dynamic into a marriage. Perhaps you have a child with special needs and you will need far more support from your spouse that you anticipated. Or, your career might be on hold and you’re unable to provide the support you anticipated but your spouse isn’t cooperating with you. You and your children don’t have to suffer because of the agreement you signed before you had all the facts. With the help of a family law attorney Long Beach Ca you can go back to court and fight for what’s right for you and your children.

In some cases, the custody arrangement you agreed to is no longer suitable. Your spouse may be involved in unthinkable situations that weren’t provided fore in the agreement — or maybe you are temporarily unable to care for your child but don’t want to lose all your rights in accordance with a provision in the arrangement. You can fight to make things right, but these lawsuits are often highly complicated and contention so you will need the help of a child custody attorney Long Beach.

The Pitfalls of a Project Delay

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One of the most costly, and common, problems that occur during any construction project is a delay. Delays are actually not the problem in itself; it’s only the measured effect. These issues at hand are the cause of the many construction delay claims being drafted today.

Not only are they an inconvenience to the construction project but as delays begin to compound, finances and project profits dwindle. That’s only a portion of the problem. Expect to see a detrimental impact on productivity as well as staff morale. These seemingly inconsequential delays can turn into a nightmare for everybody on board.

An arbitration-like process known as construction mediation can help resolve these disputes in a civil fashion. The process of mediation requires both parties to hand over their dispute to a mediator, who then overlooks the entire case without bias and comes up with a solution that mutually benefits both parties. This route beats going to court –which only ironically further delays a resolution.

The true impact of a delay comes when time begins to eat up a majority of the project profits. As explained earlier, delays will begin a snowball effect in that issues will start to multiply as they are dragged on.

Construction claim are sometimes inevitable, even with a good contract. Just because details and plans are accurately laid out, it doesn’t mean that it will help either prevent or help delays from occurring. These issues may seem daunting and perilous to a project but by realistically approaching these delays with a plan in mind, you’ll be better prepared to perform damage control successfully.

Bio: Lyle Charles, the head of Lyle Charles Consulting, has been involved with the construction industry in a variety of roles. From business coaching to claim analysis, Mr. Charles and his team are ready to help your company out today.

What You Should Do Before Hiring a Tax Preparer

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What-You-Should-Do-Before-Hiring-a-Tax-PreparerTax preparation is important for a successful tax return experience. Many times people will choose a professional tax preparer to complete their returns. Obviously you would want someone who knows what they are doing to get you the biggest refund available, or in some cases the best damage control done. There are cases where you, as the taxpayer, could potentially be breaking laws without you even knowing. Before going to your tax preparer, consider these tips.

When you first look into hiring a tax preparer, you might be thinking things like, “How much will the fee be?” or “How do I know if they’re good?” It’s important to remember that the more research that you perform, the more likely that you will end up satisfied with your choice.

When you first schedule an appointment with your tax preparer, inquire about their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) which is a requirement for tax preparation. Any preparer that refuses to show you their number should not be worked with. The sooner you schedule your meeting with your preparer, the sooner you get your money.

After officially hiring your tax preparer you will need to gather all the common information forms and receipts for them. If you donated to a charity, be sure to include that and mention it to your tax preparer as it can be written off. Take note that any donations that exceed $250 must be proven by a written document acknowledging your donation and that you did not receive anything in return for it.

Find your previous years’ return and give it to your tax preparer, assuming you’re working with a new preparer, so it can serve as a reminder for some of the items that you don’t want to overlook.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the head of Realty ONE Group, a real estate firm that believes in their agents’ success by providing a dynamic platform for them to build upon.

What New Crews Need Before Taking on a Skyscraper Construction Project

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Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

With space running out in major cities across the world, and the recession reaching an end, people are building skyward again at a neck-breaking pace. So, if your business is in the skyscraper construction field, such as structural steel consulting, or even managing legal claims for building – your business is booming.

And, whether you’re the builder, construction advisory services, steel experts, or if you happen to be a law firm that handles construction claims – picking the right team to work with can save you millions of dollars in the long run.

More Complicated Than Building a Tree Fort!

Building skyscrapers is complex! The larger the project, how the different businesses involved relate to each other and work together becomes more and more important. And, most of the time, there are a large number of vendors and subcontractors involved- and everything needs to be delivered on time.

Someone, or one company or party needs to play the advisory role, and manage all of this, or else it becomes a mess very quickly

Construction claims, steel structure, and legalise for claims during the building process are not things the average person would know about.

For example, there are sometimes hundreds of legal claims to be resolved during the construction process, and it’s important helps to have an expert team on hand. How these claims are handled can make or break your budget and the speed with which you are able to build.

It Takes Nerves of Steel

Having a structural steel expert is equally tantamount at every step of the way. The builder needs someone who knows the right type of structural steel to use. That same expert may need to verify the quality of the steel with testing. And, whoever is in this construction advisory role needs to be sure that all their products comply with industry standards. They need to be sure that documents and permits to create steel structures.

Building a Team

Don’t forget a construction claims management component to handle claims while you’re out in the field. Accidents, missed deadlines and disputes happen in construction. You need someone who can expedite those claims and prepare documents you need in the event of a serious dispute.

Also, consider hiring construction advisory services when you feel like you’re overwhelmed. Smaller crews will go after bigger jobs trying to scale, but fail to anticipate the needs a bigger job entails. Consultants can help plug those holes for you at a lower cost than working through the problem with a small staff. And that should make it clear to the builder who the real players are.

Builders need to spend their time in the beginning finding the right team to manage these aspects of their building because it will help shape the best version of the skyscraper they are envisioning.