Invest in Your Employees Through Business Travel

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Summary: Business travel is one of the major factors in employee satisfaction, according to millennials. They are changing the business travel game by finding more time for leisure in between meetings and conferences.

As technology becomes more prevalent in the business world, one might wonder why businessmen and women need to travel for work. The truth is, millennials find business travel extremely important for job satisfaction. Though they use different technologies to make staying connected easier, they prefer face-to-face meetings when it comes to business.

Business Leisure Taking Off

The idea that has been nicknamed “bleisure” has never been more important in the working world. Millennials are changing the way business trips are defined, as leisure time on business trips is crucial to their happiness. Some even opt to get work done in the evening hours so they can sightsee during the day, if they do not have meetings to attend.

Bleisure is not a new concept, as older business people also enjoy extending their trips a couple nights, so they can experience the cities without work on their minds and in a cost-effective way. Millennials are mixing business and leisure more than ever before, but it is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to employee satisfaction and work effectiveness.

Employer Costs Rising

Studies show that millennials spend more when their employers are paying, as opposed to the older employees. Costs are not skyrocketing, however, since millennials are more efficient with their time. Isn’t it better for them to have a good night’s sleep in a nice hotel and healthy food, rather than the opposite and then being on edge in a client meeting?

Keep your employees happy by making their business travel experiences as seamless as possible. If you set reasonable boundaries for budgets and book comfortable accommodations, they will keep your clients coming back for more services.

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Why Nuclear Power is a Smart Investment

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nuclear-cooling-towers-flowersWhether you’re looking to invest in energy companies, or a major player in the market yourself, nuclear represents an opportunity easily overlooked. The stigma associated with nuclear has clouded the media’s view on this valuable source of energy, but as this article explores, nuclear is part of a viable path forward to power the world’s energy demands.


According to reports from the World Nuclear Association, and the International Energy Agency, energy demand will increase by as much as 81% before the year 2040. Wind and solar can’t meet those demands, but they can help to augment a future power grid. Over reliance on fossil fuels is slowly losing to the cleaner energy provided by nuclear power.

According to experts like Dev Randhawa, CEO of Fission Uranium, the United States is one of many new countries that are initiating new reactor building projects in a greater plan to lower emissions.


The primary risk of nuclear power is the effects of radiation exposure, but recent research suggests that not only are nuclear power plants safer, they last longer too. Previous projections put nuclear power at roughly 25 years of operation, which barely made sense from an economic standpoint. Today, scientists and engineers have found the lifespan of these reactors to be closer to 75 years.

In addition, each reactor contains multiple layers of safety that could theoretically fail one after another, but the risk probability is decreasingly miniscule as each layer is applied. In some studies, it has been implied that coal emissions are responsible for more deaths than existing nuclear meltdowns.

However you choose to view radiation exposure, the simple fact is that reactors themselves have become less prone to breaches. Famous incidents like Chernobyl were the exact teaching tools used to develop the safety protocols of today.

Learning About the Blavatnik Foundation

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By Access Industries

If you went through a Blavatnik bio, you’d know that Leonard Blavatnik does not lack for accolades. Aside from his degrees, his billion dollar portfolio and his numerous business holdings, though, you’d also learn about the Blavatnik Foundation. It’s the industrialist’s way of making sure that those who follow in his footsteps have an easier time doing so.

accessindustries1Through the Blavatnik Foundaiton, millions have been provided for scholarships and grants that will ensure the future is full of plenty more Len Blavatniks. The man has also made a name for himself through other charities as well that include making sure the poor get fed in Israel and that schools like Cambridge don’t lack for the resources they need as a center of advanced education.

Although we all know Len Blavatnik for the wealthy CEO he is today, it’s important to remember that he was born in the USSR and came from the humblest of beginnings. It was this environment that forged the type of attitude that has helped him become such an economic powerhouse these days. It’s also why he goes out of his way to make sure others receive not just food, but the same opportunities to learn, grow, earn and achieve as he has.


Although Blavatnik and billionaire are almost synonymous with one another, the man has also done billions of dollars worth of good for people all over the planet, making the head of Access Industries quite the notable philanthropist too.