Why Nuclear Power is a Smart Investment

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nuclear-cooling-towers-flowersWhether you’re looking to invest in energy companies, or a major player in the market yourself, nuclear represents an opportunity easily overlooked. The stigma associated with nuclear has clouded the media’s view on this valuable source of energy, but as this article explores, nuclear is part of a viable path forward to power the world’s energy demands.


According to reports from the World Nuclear Association, and the International Energy Agency, energy demand will increase by as much as 81% before the year 2040. Wind and solar can’t meet those demands, but they can help to augment a future power grid. Over reliance on fossil fuels is slowly losing to the cleaner energy provided by nuclear power.

According to experts like Dev Randhawa, CEO of Fission Uranium, the United States is one of many new countries that are initiating new reactor building projects in a greater plan to lower emissions.


The primary risk of nuclear power is the effects of radiation exposure, but recent research suggests that not only are nuclear power plants safer, they last longer too. Previous projections put nuclear power at roughly 25 years of operation, which barely made sense from an economic standpoint. Today, scientists and engineers have found the lifespan of these reactors to be closer to 75 years.

In addition, each reactor contains multiple layers of safety that could theoretically fail one after another, but the risk probability is decreasingly miniscule as each layer is applied. In some studies, it has been implied that coal emissions are responsible for more deaths than existing nuclear meltdowns.

However you choose to view radiation exposure, the simple fact is that reactors themselves have become less prone to breaches. Famous incidents like Chernobyl were the exact teaching tools used to develop the safety protocols of today.

The Duties of Construction & Turnaround Services

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Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

Refineries schedule upgrades for years in advance, and they must be done under extremely tight time constraints. A plant manager must coordinate with construction & turnaround services to make sure every aspect of the project is completed in a timely fashion so work can resume. Every day the plant remains offline is a massive financial burden to the entire company. In order to minimize those potential losses, crews that specialize in certain kinds of construction are utilized.

How a Turnaround Works

Just like a structural steel expert is used to analyze the strength of materials before construction can begin, there are certain jobs that average crews just aren’t suited for. Revamping a refinery is a good example, typically because of the hazards involved in the process. Turnaround services have a background in responding to circumstances that require handling of hazardous materials or heavy equipment. These services are crucial in setting up certain workspaces, like lab clean rooms or refineries.

Special care must be taken in setting up ventilation systems or clean rooms that the average crew isn’t equipped to handle. In addition, certain testing or inspection might be required before a plant can become fully operational.

Other Needs

When a refinery undergoes a turnaround process, the aim is to complete the project as quickly as possible. It’s therefore possible that construction might happen independent of a turnaround at a nearby location. If an oil refinery has administrative offices near the plant, both buildings could receive a retrofitting at the same time.

Bio: Lyle Charles is an expert in the construction industry with more than 40 years of experience in commercial construction projects, including refinery turnaround services.

Common Construction Deadlines and How to Overcome Them

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Construction and turnaround services are fairly common on refineries and certain commercial projects. This scheduled down time is highly coordinated, well planned and still susceptible to problems on the job that can set deadlines back. Is there any way to navigate a project worry free? If you take steps during preparation to reduce risks later on, you can save yourself unforeseen costs and legal problems.


Did you know that shifting your resources to structural steel can reduce the amount of time spent getting materials on site? That’s because changes to steel fabrication enable faster production and delivery times. Construction advisory services often make small changes like this to existing plans before the project is underway, which also saves time and money on inspections.


When deadlines are close, it always seems like there’s never enough manpower on hand. It helps to hire a turnaround crew strictly for these smaller projects, especially when your business can’t afford the extra down time. The costs of hiring additional crew members often dwarfs what you might have otherwise lost leaving the plant closed for repairs.


Claims can be very costly if you’re not prepared for them. The key points to consider are paperwork, the type of claim to be filed, and how the claim is to be settled. First, make sure your paperwork is in line and that you can easily reference the materials or incident in question. If the dispute cannot be settled easily, make sure you opt for mediation. Mediation is faster than trial, and tends to have an outcome considered to be mutually beneficial.

Bio: Lyle Charles is a certified expert witness and structural steel expert. The Lyle Charles Consulting team is ready to assist in your next commercial construction project.

How to be Recognized in the Manufacturing Industry

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Written by Access Industries

Manufacturing is considered as the backbone of the economy. Being a manufacturer in this day and age means that you will have to compete with several other manufacturers and factories that are making similar products that you are manufacturing. But if you want to be recognized, you can aim for winning awards like the Blavatnik Awards by Len Blavatnik Access Industries. Being recognized for your work is one of the best ways to validate your success. However, it would be incorrect for you to think that this is the only way to be successful in the industry. As a matter of fact, the best way for you to be recognized in the manufacturing industry is to let your work speak for itself. With all the social networking sites available these days, print and mass media is not the only thing that will make you famous or recognized. Granting that you already have ISO certifications set in place, there are other factors that you can apply in your factory that will help you improve the product that you make by either reducing manufacturing time, lowering cost without sacrificing quality. Think about car manufacturers like Ferrari or Lamborghini, where their manufacturing processes are far more superior to their competitors. People know that their products are the best, and their reputation precedes their products wherever in the world they may be. In other words, it is your reputation that gets you recognized by your customers and even your competitors as well.

The Blavatnik Family Foundation is where you can get the means to a brighter future. Financial security and success awaits you.