Addressing the Disadvantages of Remote Work

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Remote work or working from home has become a daily routine for many employees in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employees have come to enjoy the many benefits of remote work, such as more time to exercise and pursue hobbies, flexible scheduling, and saving money on transportation. However, remote work also has some disadvantages associated with it that newly minted remote employees will need to navigate.

“Your success at remote work is largely dependent on your mindset and habits while working from home,” Lucy Lyle, Perch founder, observes. “For some, working from home is an opportunity to boost productivity. For others, productivity can be hindered by the distractions that can arise.” Lucy Lyle added, “As an employee, it will be your responsibility to eliminate these distractions and create a work environment where you can flourish and focus.”

New distractions are one of the biggest disadvantages that some remote employees face. While traditional offices are also full of distractions such as water cooler chats and mandatory meetings, remote work has its own set of common interruptions. You may feel the temptation to have the television on in the background while working. You may also have to do some housekeeping or chores in between work responsibilities.

Lucy Lyle advises, “The best ways to address these distractions include making a set schedule for yourself and creating a quiet, organized workspace. Establish time periods where you will focus solely on work. Make sure your desk is far from the television, or the living room where most of the chitchat happens in your house. At the same time, don’t overwork yourself. Take breaks at opportune moments.”

How to Create Abundance in Your Life and Increase Productivity Through Actions

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Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is a book of wise teachings on how to lead a more meaningful life through mind-body-spirit cultivation.

“No more waiting. No other time is closer to your soul than this very moment. It is not after your death; it is now! Now, now, Now is the greatest moment in life. To take the responsibility for the present meteorology is to be responsible for your whole life.”

You can only increase productivity in your life if you are willing to learn and apply the teachings from the book Create Abundance. The wonder of these teachings is that they are simple to adopt into a daily routine. Take what you want from the book. Ask the cosmos in your morning or evening meditation to help incorporate it into your life.

When you want to gain something in life you need to act now. There is no waiting for another time because now is the only guaranteed moment that you have. When you make the decision to be responsible and act at this moment you are representing your entire life.

Zhang Xinyue in her book says do not wait, waiting will not help you to increase your productivity. When you act, you begin to create abundance, and this is how your life will begin to improve. Start with a simple lesson and daily meditation to experience the effectiveness of these wise teachings.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance authored this incredible book in 2012. It has been translated from Chinese into many languages and has become an international bestseller. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue promotes, gives meaning, and finds positive ways to manage the philosophical issues of life.

For more information visit Create Abundance

Why Public Opinion Polling is Essential for Political Candidates

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ideas for Market Research. Businessman thinking a business solution.

 Today’s political news stories often cite public opinion polls and surveys when covering specific issues and political candidates’ responses to them. These polls are often presented as indicators of the size of a candidate’s following leading into an election day. They are also seen as a form of propaganda to feed certain voters’ confirmation bias.

While polls such as these are commonplace in news coverage, public opinion polling can also be useful to political candidates for other reasons. By conducting a carefully-sampled public opinion survey, candidates can change or keep positions from their party platform to better align with potential voters’ concerns and desires. Furthermore, candidates can change their messaging during their campaigns to appeal to their target audience’s desires.

Popularity polls or polls that measure the public’s likelihood of voting for a certain candidate can also inform a political candidate’s strategy during a campaign. If a candidate is losing in popularity polls taken by a specific demographic, they can improve efforts to appeal to that demographic. This might mean increasing campaign ads for that demographic or ramping up outreach efforts and rallies in a specific location.

In addition to traditional quantitative surveys, other survey methods such as focus groups are also available to political candidates. Since focus groups allow respondents to explicate their feelings and attitudes in greater detail, candidates can get an even better understanding of the factors and motivations behind voters’ decisions.

John Zogby Strategies has mastered the art of survey data collection for political candidates. If you’re looking for an experienced political survey company or public opinion polling service that can conduct focus groups and public polls, be sure to contact John Zogby Strategies today.

Five Simple Ways To Cut Your Business Expenses

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Even the tiniest boost in sales or cost-cutting measures can have an influence on a company’s profitability in a volatile environment where every dollar matters. The astonishing thing is that a comprehensive company revamp is not required.

Below are five simple ways to cut your business expenses, according to Wesley Virgin.

Reduce Supply Expenses

By shopping around and comparing prices, you might make some savings on office supplies. Look beyond your network of established vendors.

Sell Justifyover Materials

It’s typical for business owners to search for ways to reduce the cost of goods and maximize their resources. Instead of putting excess wood, paper, and metals in the recycling bin, try selling them. Think of different methods to repurpose your garbage to produce something new.

Utilize Time Strategies

A corporation can save expenses by efficiently optimizing productivity. Keep in mind that lost time equates to lost money. Utilize apps to assist staff members in concentrating and remain on target while reducing distractions.

<style=”text-align: Justify;”>Wesley Virgin has said, “Never give up even when you feel nothing is working toward your desired goal.” Use the cost-cutting tips Wesley Virgin has provided to help you never give up on your business goals!

Cut Financial Accounts

To start decreasing costs, look at your financial records and insurance policies. Save money on insurance by shopping around for the best deal, then request a price match from your current insurer.

Modernize Your Marketing Plan

It may be good to look at less expensive alternatives to help you reduce business expenditures. You don’t want to stop using paid advertising that is effective.

Getting Your Brand & Mission Statement Right

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Some new startups struggle to develop their brand and mission statement properly. One of the key aspects of being able to accomplish these goals includes having a strong grasp of exactly what your company brand is. As the company owner or hiring manager, it starts with you. You must define who you are as a business entity and what you’re all about.

“Most companies do have a Mission Statement and a pretty firm grasp of what they are all about, but do all your employees understand what it is?” asks Javier Loya, CEO of OTC Global Holdings.

OTC Global Holdings is located in Houston, Texas and is the largest independent OTC commodity brokerage in the world.

As the employer, it’s up to you to make sure that each new employee does understand what your company is all about. What are your business goals? What are your visions for the future of your company?

A recent study published in the Harvard Business Review, reveals that employers who invest more time and effort in training their employees will outperform the stock markets by up to 35%. OTC Global Holdings practices this in their own company culture.

During the recent economic downturn, a strong increase in stock value was recorded among companies who had established a great training program for new employees. This is definite proof that well-trained employees who understand your corporate vision will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and the other employees to see that your company succeeds.

Javier Loya grew up in El Paso, Texas and now lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two daughters. He the founder and co-CEO of OTC Global Holdings, the largest independent OTC commodity brokerage in the world. He graduated from Columbia University in New York and is a minority owner of the Houston Texans football team.

Celebrities Create Their Own Abundance Mindset Journal

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The Create Abundance movement has taken the world by storm. This teaching helps us let go of negative or limiting beliefs and begin to believe that we can become wealthy or famous. This journey can truly revolutionize your life. And it can be done by anyone. Simply begin by writing out some self-affirming declarations. In the book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue, the author has some good suggestions such as meditation.

Some people meditate each day. They take the time to focus their minds on relaxing and letting go of stress. As we all know, stress is a number one enemy. It blocks us from being our most productive. Some people have anxiety disorders so badly that they can’t work.

An abundance mindset journal can help too. You can start by using any type of notebook or journal. Sit down and write out your dreams and visions. Then begin to work on how you can achieve them. As you think of things that might help, write it all down and turn your ideas into actionable steps.

When you have even small successes, be sure to write it down. Keep notes about helpful articles you find online. Your journal can include just about anything you think is appropriate.

Zhang Xinyue includes this tip in her book, Create Abundance:

“Don’t tell tales according to your sentiments. It is a destruction of your own good character to do so. What advantage can you gain from that tale-telling business of yours? Even if you are justified in gossiping about others, what then? Will you be better off?”


Resources for New Entrepreneurs

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Entering the world of entrepreneurship can be daunting at first, but with the right resources, you can be better equipped for the journey ahead. A few of the most important resources a new entrepreneur can have are finances, mentors, and digital marketing tools.

One crucial mistake many new entrepreneurs make is having little to no savings when starting their businesses. Ryan Pitylak, co-founder and CMO of ZenBusiness, says, “I’ve seen new entrepreneurs ruined by putting their livelihood at risk or going into debt to pursue their dream. When you start your first business, you should have savings in the bank because it will save you a lot of stress in the long run.”

Entrepreneurs can prevent issues such as these by having wise and seasoned mentors advising them as they launch their first business. Ryan Pitylak added, “If you’re only getting business advice from books, the Internet, podcasts, or your friends, it can be hard to know whose advice is best for your business. Having a trusted mentor who has experienced what it’s like to be a first-time entrepreneur is infinitely better for your company’s success.”

Digital marketing is the last important resource that can be a driving force for your new company’s success. Algorithms have made browsing the Internet a highly personalized experience for every user. Today, it is easier than ever to tailor your marketing messaging to a specific type of person or demographic. By using Google ads, SEO, and targeted content creation, you can find the perfect audience for your products.

Through his company ZenBusiness, Ryan Pitylak helps many new entrepreneurs through every stage of launching a new company. ZenBusiness provides an all-in-one platform with FinTech solutions, expertise, and other helpful resources.

How to Help Struggling Businesses

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Business owners play a more significant role in the world economy’s recovery than we realize. First, they produce the products and services we all need to live our lives. And sales are not always great, especially in these past two years. But they continue regardless of what the stock markets are doing.

Many financial analysts are saying that the worst is over and that it’s only a matter of time before we start to see improvements. Business owners and managers are hopeful and believe in a strong economic future. It’s certainly better than the alternatives. So how can we support small business owners?

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue offers advice about being a positive force in the universe. She says this:

“Empty talk without making a decision is not spiritual growth. Gnoses without practice are not spiritual growth. Make up your mind, change and carry it out. Then miracles will fall upon you, witnessing your growth.”

One thing is certain: we’ve all altered the way we believe about investing and only time will tell if the world returns to their once prolific, almost reckless spending habits. This past year has seen a marked transformation in the way we spend, as well as save our money. We are more cautious now with spendable income. It might be prudent to avoid running up large credit card expenses.

Zhang Xinyue mentors business owners who need consulting or advice. She and her team at Create Abundance believe in using all the resources the universe has provided for us.

Strategies on how to respond to negative reviews

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As online purchases increase, negative reviews are a common part of doing business. Selective customers are now researching products and services before making a purchase, which makes reviews an important aspect of a purchasing decision.

Here are some of the strategies that businesses use to manage negative reviews.

Respond quickly and professionally – Quick, professional responses can help to settle a customer’s mind until a resolution is reached. Additionally, a quick response can reduce the customer’s need to write further negative reviews on multiple platforms.

Acknowledge negative feedback – Thanking the customer for their feedback with a personal message will let a customer know that their problem is being looked into.

Compensate –A customer who highlights a legitimate issue should be offered some form of compensation. This could take the form of a discount, a redo, or a refund.

Use feedback to improve – Often customers will be able to highlight issues within a business that cannot be identified internally. Look at changing policies and procedures so that the same problem is not repeated. Informing the customer that their feedback has made a difference can strengthen the customer relationship.

Remember to respond to positive comments – It is also important to respond to positive comments as soon as they are posted. Responding to positive feedback can let happy customers know that the business values them while encouraging others to leave positive reviews. Private review websites such as, TripAdvisor, and Yelp have helped customers post reviews and receive compensation promptly.

Revdex is an online business directory. Revdex’s aim is to improve the connection between consumers and businesses. They provide the customers with an opportunity to browse and post negative complaints and reviews about businesses and they make it easier for their voice to be heard by the companies.

For example you can file scam report about online shopping issues or file complaint about hotels.

How to complain and get compensated

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It is no wonder that dissatisfied customers are hesitant to make complaints as it often means speaking to numerous customer service staff, making multiple calls, and writing emails, that invariably go unnoticed. Getting a complaint heard and addressed can involve patience, skill, and some of the following strategies:

Document everything – It is important to retain all receipts and other correspondence regarding a purchase to reduce a customer complaint being rejected. The right details can similarly help the company identify purchases that can quicken compensation. Additionally, when a complaint is made, saving all correspondence will help if a complaint needs to be forwarded to another person or department.

Place the complaint as soon as possible – As soon as a problem is identified, speak to the company and report your concerns. Start the complaint process by sending an email to the customer service division or use private customer review websites such as, Yelp, and TripAdvisor to post a review publicly. In most cases, negative public reviews can drive the company to offer a quick resolution.

Consider a face-to-face discussion – If a product/service was purchased from a local seller, consider visiting them in-store or at their corporate office. Reading the company’s return policy before visiting the store can help with following the right return procedure.

Seek help from senior management – If a complaint is not being resolved, contact the company’s senior management team for assistance. Usually, contact information for senior-level staff will be available on the company’s website.

Revdex is a new online business directory. Consumers can post a review for any business, even if there is not an existing profile. Businesses can create their own profiles and respond to reviews. Revdex tries to provide a positive experience both for consumers and businesses.

For example you can file complaint against mobile provider or file complaint about travel services.

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