Addressing the Disadvantages of Remote Work

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Remote work or working from home has become a daily routine for many employees in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employees have come to enjoy the many benefits of remote work, such as more time to exercise and pursue hobbies, flexible scheduling, and saving money on transportation. However, remote work also has some disadvantages associated with it that newly minted remote employees will need to navigate.

“Your success at remote work is largely dependent on your mindset and habits while working from home,” Lucy Lyle, Perch founder, observes. “For some, working from home is an opportunity to boost productivity. For others, productivity can be hindered by the distractions that can arise.” Lucy Lyle added, “As an employee, it will be your responsibility to eliminate these distractions and create a work environment where you can flourish and focus.”

New distractions are one of the biggest disadvantages that some remote employees face. While traditional offices are also full of distractions such as water cooler chats and mandatory meetings, remote work has its own set of common interruptions. You may feel the temptation to have the television on in the background while working. You may also have to do some housekeeping or chores in between work responsibilities.

Lucy Lyle advises, “The best ways to address these distractions include making a set schedule for yourself and creating a quiet, organized workspace. Establish time periods where you will focus solely on work. Make sure your desk is far from the television, or the living room where most of the chitchat happens in your house. At the same time, don’t overwork yourself. Take breaks at opportune moments.”