Strategies on how to respond to negative reviews

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As online purchases increase, negative reviews are a common part of doing business. Selective customers are now researching products and services before making a purchase, which makes reviews an important aspect of a purchasing decision.

Here are some of the strategies that businesses use to manage negative reviews.

Respond quickly and professionally – Quick, professional responses can help to settle a customer’s mind until a resolution is reached. Additionally, a quick response can reduce the customer’s need to write further negative reviews on multiple platforms.

Acknowledge negative feedback – Thanking the customer for their feedback with a personal message will let a customer know that their problem is being looked into.

Compensate –A customer who highlights a legitimate issue should be offered some form of compensation. This could take the form of a discount, a redo, or a refund.

Use feedback to improve – Often customers will be able to highlight issues within a business that cannot be identified internally. Look at changing policies and procedures so that the same problem is not repeated. Informing the customer that their feedback has made a difference can strengthen the customer relationship.

Remember to respond to positive comments – It is also important to respond to positive comments as soon as they are posted. Responding to positive feedback can let happy customers know that the business values them while encouraging others to leave positive reviews. Private review websites such as, TripAdvisor, and Yelp have helped customers post reviews and receive compensation promptly.

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