How Tourism is Driving Jordan’s Automotive Industry

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Summary: Tourism has been increasing in Jordan in the past decade. This led to growth in the automotive industry through car rentals and taxi usage.

Jordan is considered an emerging market, with its banking sector attracting many investors because of its conservative practices. The services sector accounts for most the the country’s gross domestic product and employees. This is due to the wonderful tourism potential of Jordan, a country with rich history and diverse geography.

Growth of Tourism

Jordan’s National Tourism Strategy department hopes to market the nation as a boutique destination for those high-end tourists. The nation markets itself as a go-to destination for niche markets such as ecotourism, cultural heritage, and cruises. The marketing budget continues to rise, while they also improve the infrastructure.

This leads the tourism sector to employ around 30,000 Jordanians, a number that is constantly increasing, and contribute to around 10 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

Tourism and Car Services

When visitors go to Jordan, they stay in hotels, order room service, eat in restaurants, and visit different sites. They may buy souvenirs here and there, but they mainly give their business to those that can provide them with a great experience.

To get around to these different landmarks, museums, and restaurants, tourists can either take taxis or rent cars to drive themselves. Their business contributes to the growing automotive industry in Jordan, especially in Amman, where tourists like to drive to popular destinations.

Visitors’ abilities to drive give them the freedom to go to different destinations without wasting any time. They can easily rent a car at the airport upon arrival and return it when they are leaving. Their need for safe, reliable cars drives the automotive industry in Jordan to keep improving, along with the other sectors in the country.

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Invest in Your Employees Through Business Travel

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Summary: Business travel is one of the major factors in employee satisfaction, according to millennials. They are changing the business travel game by finding more time for leisure in between meetings and conferences.

As technology becomes more prevalent in the business world, one might wonder why businessmen and women need to travel for work. The truth is, millennials find business travel extremely important for job satisfaction. Though they use different technologies to make staying connected easier, they prefer face-to-face meetings when it comes to business.

Business Leisure Taking Off

The idea that has been nicknamed “bleisure” has never been more important in the working world. Millennials are changing the way business trips are defined, as leisure time on business trips is crucial to their happiness. Some even opt to get work done in the evening hours so they can sightsee during the day, if they do not have meetings to attend.

Bleisure is not a new concept, as older business people also enjoy extending their trips a couple nights, so they can experience the cities without work on their minds and in a cost-effective way. Millennials are mixing business and leisure more than ever before, but it is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to employee satisfaction and work effectiveness.

Employer Costs Rising

Studies show that millennials spend more when their employers are paying, as opposed to the older employees. Costs are not skyrocketing, however, since millennials are more efficient with their time. Isn’t it better for them to have a good night’s sleep in a nice hotel and healthy food, rather than the opposite and then being on edge in a client meeting?

Keep your employees happy by making their business travel experiences as seamless as possible. If you set reasonable boundaries for budgets and book comfortable accommodations, they will keep your clients coming back for more services.

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