Pre-Nup Agreement Is Not Always the Final Say

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Written by: Riley Khorram

If you are facing divorce, but can’t live with the pre-nup agreement you signed, you can contest it with the help of a Long Beach divorce attorney. Pre-nup agreements can anticipate a lot, but sometimes life takes turns that you wouldn’t dream up when you and your spouse signed your agreement.


Maybe your situation has changed vastly since the agreement was signed. Children often bring an unexpected dynamic into a marriage. Perhaps you have a child with special needs and you will need far more support from your spouse that you anticipated. Or, your career might be on hold and you’re unable to provide the support you anticipated but your spouse isn’t cooperating with you. You and your children don’t have to suffer because of the agreement you signed before you had all the facts. With the help of a family law attorney Long Beach Ca you can go back to court and fight for what’s right for you and your children.

In some cases, the custody arrangement you agreed to is no longer suitable. Your spouse may be involved in unthinkable situations that weren’t provided fore in the agreement — or maybe you are temporarily unable to care for your child but don’t want to lose all your rights in accordance with a provision in the arrangement. You can fight to make things right, but these lawsuits are often highly complicated and contention so you will need the help of a child custody attorney Long Beach.