How to Sell a Home with an Unusual History

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How to Sell a Home with an Unusual HistoryDuring the course of one’s career, it’s likely a real estate agent is going to be confronted with how to sell a home with a less-than favorable history. Typically, agents encounter this early on in their careers which makes it even harder to sell because they lack experience. Those with experience sometimes run into trouble because they fail to prioritize the sale over other properties without a sordid past. These tips and ideas will help any agent look at a house with an unusual history in a different light.

Dealing With Crime

Some states have laws that require agents to disclose if a murder occurred, or if a meth lab was built. Not every state does, so it’s on the agent and buyer to sort this out. This casts the agent in a tricky role, because no one wants to kill a deal with a history lesson. The truth is, it’s best to just put it out there and let the client decide. If the information is disclosed later in the buying process, the client may feel betrayed. That reflects poorly on the agent, and the organization.

Dealing with Legends

Everyone has heard of the haunted house down the street, or somewhere in town, but who buys these properties? As it turns out, ghosts have a strange effect on the house. Some potential residents will find themselves attracted to the history of the supernatural event. This can drive the price even higher than originally listed. Unfortunately, if the house remains on the market the prices are likely to fall if the seller really wants to sell the home.

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