Common Construction Deadlines and How to Overcome Them

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Construction and turnaround services are fairly common on refineries and certain commercial projects. This scheduled down time is highly coordinated, well planned and still susceptible to problems on the job that can set deadlines back. Is there any way to navigate a project worry free? If you take steps during preparation to reduce risks later on, you can save yourself unforeseen costs and legal problems.


Did you know that shifting your resources to structural steel can reduce the amount of time spent getting materials on site? That’s because changes to steel fabrication enable faster production and delivery times. Construction advisory services often make small changes like this to existing plans before the project is underway, which also saves time and money on inspections.


When deadlines are close, it always seems like there’s never enough manpower on hand. It helps to hire a turnaround crew strictly for these smaller projects, especially when your business can’t afford the extra down time. The costs of hiring additional crew members often dwarfs what you might have otherwise lost leaving the plant closed for repairs.


Claims can be very costly if you’re not prepared for them. The key points to consider are paperwork, the type of claim to be filed, and how the claim is to be settled. First, make sure your paperwork is in line and that you can easily reference the materials or incident in question. If the dispute cannot be settled easily, make sure you opt for mediation. Mediation is faster than trial, and tends to have an outcome considered to be mutually beneficial.

Bio: Lyle Charles is a certified expert witness and structural steel expert. The Lyle Charles Consulting team is ready to assist in your next commercial construction project.

Meet the First Man to Invest in Land Development on Long Island

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By Phin Upham

Daniel Denice Conover is notable for being the first person to invest in land development on Long Island. The projects he brought to the region completely changed the coastline.

He was born in 1822, and got involved with New York politics as a growing man. That transitioned him into a lifetime of political activism as he joined several prominent clubs. He also became involved in both municipal and national elections, raising support for the New York City Volunteer Fire Department. An organization that he remained close to throughout most of his life.

Governor John King appointed him street commissioner in 1857, but there was a problem. He was about to assume his post when Conover forcibly ejected from the building! In something of a shakeup, Conover was informed that the position had gone to another man, a move made by Mayor Fernando Wood. The papers were reporting that the other man had paid the tidy sum of $50,000 directly to the mayor, an allegation denied by both parties. Wood was eventually arrested, but released within an hour.

Conover responded by attempting to arrest the mayor for inciting a riot. The confrontation became known as a the Police Riot of 1857, a clash over power.

Records indicate mayor Wood never faced trial, despite his arrest. Several injured policemen were able to successfully sue the mayor at a later date, each claiming $250 to cover injuries they’d suffered during that time. Conover was the victor in the public eye, and he became a prominent industrialist after that moment. He helped grow New York’s street railway systems, and fought for a charter that eventually led to the creation of the Thirty-Fourth Street line.

Phin Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or LinkedIn page.