What New Crews Need Before Taking on a Skyscraper Construction Project

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Written by: Lyle Charles Consulting

With space running out in major cities across the world, and the recession reaching an end, people are building skyward again at a neck-breaking pace. So, if your business is in the skyscraper construction field, such as structural steel consulting, or even managing legal claims for building – your business is booming.

And, whether you’re the builder, construction advisory services, steel experts, or if you happen to be a law firm that handles construction claims – picking the right team to work with can save you millions of dollars in the long run.

More Complicated Than Building a Tree Fort!

Building skyscrapers is complex! The larger the project, how the different businesses involved relate to each other and work together becomes more and more important. And, most of the time, there are a large number of vendors and subcontractors involved- and everything needs to be delivered on time.

Someone, or one company or party needs to play the advisory role, and manage all of this, or else it becomes a mess very quickly

Construction claims, steel structure, and legalise for claims during the building process are not things the average person would know about.

For example, there are sometimes hundreds of legal claims to be resolved during the construction process, and it’s important helps to have an expert team on hand. How these claims are handled can make or break your budget and the speed with which you are able to build.

It Takes Nerves of Steel

Having a structural steel expert is equally tantamount at every step of the way. The builder needs someone who knows the right type of structural steel to use. That same expert may need to verify the quality of the steel with testing. And, whoever is in this construction advisory role needs to be sure that all their products comply with industry standards. They need to be sure that documents and permits to create steel structures.

Building a Team

Don’t forget a construction claims management component to handle claims while you’re out in the field. Accidents, missed deadlines and disputes happen in construction. You need someone who can expedite those claims and prepare documents you need in the event of a serious dispute.

Also, consider hiring construction advisory services when you feel like you’re overwhelmed. Smaller crews will go after bigger jobs trying to scale, but fail to anticipate the needs a bigger job entails. Consultants can help plug those holes for you at a lower cost than working through the problem with a small staff. And that should make it clear to the builder who the real players are.

Builders need to spend their time in the beginning finding the right team to manage these aspects of their building because it will help shape the best version of the skyscraper they are envisioning.