How to Minimize Risk to Your Construction Company All Year Round

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Minimize the risk your construction company faces with these helpful tips.

Construction is a risky business. There are plenty of ways for a project to face delays, have problems dealing with personnel and run into challenges related to budgeting. A good project manager will begin the planning process immediately, which is one of the best weapons you have in mitigating the risk your construction company faces.

Budgeting and Deadlines

Many disputes that end up in construction mediation center on either budgeting or deadlines. When a project manager sets a budget, he is also basing his projections on a particular deadline with certain materials ordered. If parameters from that order change at any point, the projection must change with it. This can be frustratingly common in construction projects, especially when building owners need changes for code or environmental reasons.

Deadlines are also affected by personnel shortages. Some workers are more reliable than others, and injuries can take some of your work force out of commission. In these situations, turnaround services help provide valuable support to you.

Be Adaptable

It’s a good idea to prepare for the worst early so you can change fluidly with the situation as needed. Talking with multiple suppliers before you place an order, for example, will help give you an idea of who has what you need and when they can get the supplies to you.

Flexible project managers tend to minimize the impact of risk, so when things go wrong you can pivot to your plan B. In a bind, it may also benefit you to hire a consultant to help untangle the mess. The costs of the consultant may be substantially lower than letting the problem spiral out of control.


:: Lyle Charles Consulting is a firm that specializes in construction delay claims and management services. Lyle Charles is a construction consultant who is certified as an expert witness.

Aristotle’s Thoughts on Money Lending

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By Samuel Phineas Upham

The practice of money lending has a long history of hostility and unpopularity. The Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote about the subject of lending money, which he considered to be “unnatural,” throughout the first book of Politics. To Aristotle, moneylenders were not unlike parasites that leached from the people borrowing from their assets.

In Politics, Aristotle called usury the most hated form of moneymaking. He argued that money was intended to be used as a method of exchange, and that money that grew by itself from that exchange was a non-productive gain.

To understand what he meant by “non-productive,” we must delve into what the Greeks considered to be productive. For Aristotle, an orchard seemed a simple comparison to make. When someone lets someone else use an orchard, that orchard bears fruit. The orchard is productive, because the people responsible for it put the effort and time into growing the product to bear fruit. Money is not like an orchard, according to Aristotle, because it does not grow naturally of its own accord.

To further contextualize this belief, Aristotle also believed that there were no selfless acts. Every act, according to his teacher Plato, had some value to the user itself. Thus, money lending could not be considered philanthropic because the lender would invariably get a return. That return represented a selfish act.

Within this definition of usury, Aristotle leaves no room for money lending to be considered a noble practice. It is impractical, not producing assets on its own, and it is therefore morally imperceptible.

About the Author: Samuel Phineas Upham is an investor at a family office/ hedgefund, where he focuses on special situation illiquid investing. Before this position, Phin Upham was working at Morgan Stanley in the Media & Technology group. You may contact Phin on his Samuel Phineas Upham website or Facebook.

Using forex robots and brokers

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Forex traders widely use forex robots in their trading. However, the accuracy of these robots to make decisions is questioned quite a lot. But when you consider that no human being can be one hundred percent accurate when making decisions about forex trading, it doesn’t seem that bad.

With a little education, even a beginner can set up a robot to function on their behalf. However, “a little education” can also be a very bad thing. As with any tool, knowing exactly what it can do and what its limitations are can make the tool more effective. Although they are used by experts as well, they do not rely on it alone to do their trading. This should send a clear message out to all beginners who want to use a robot. Education (about forex) and experience have no substitute in the field of forex trading.

Brokers can be a great way to get into forex trading. They can also be useful later on when a trader becomes an expert in the field. But for beginners, finding a good broker online can be difficult, Some of the good ones are finexo and etoro. When using finexo forex trading can seem easy. It has all the right features that make it a suitable choice for beginners. For etoro forex trading means giving users the best possible trading experience as well visual experience. This makes it even more appealing and is one of the reasons for its popularity.