How to Sell a Home with an Unusual History

During the course of one’s career, it’s likely a real estate agent is going to... 

Investing and Learning from the Past – By Phin Upham

By Phin Upham Why is the U.S. going through an economic slowdown? It can be said... 

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How Tourism is Driving Jordan’s Automotive Industry

Summary: Tourism has been increasing in Jordan in the past decade. This led to growth in the automotive industry through car rentals and taxi usage. Jordan is considered an emerging market, with its banking sector attracting many investors because of its conservative practices. The services sector accounts for most the the country’s gross domestic... [Read more of this review]

Invest in Your Employees Through Business Travel

Summary: Business travel is one of the major factors in employee satisfaction, according to millennials. They are changing the business travel game by finding more time for leisure in between meetings and conferences. As technology becomes more prevalent in the business world, one might wonder why businessmen and women need to travel for work. The... [Read more of this review]

The Financial Keys Within an Executive Summary that Can Impact a Case

Summary: In business, executives often only read the executive summary out of a large proposal. Follow this guideline to ensure your construction claims reader is fully informed when he or she reads your claim to maximize cost effectiveness. In the case of a construction claim where the contractor is submitting the claim against the project owner, the... [Read more of this review]

How to Send Money to Overseas Contractors Without the Hassle

If you’ve started a business in the digital age, you’ll quickly realize that moving money overseas is an important component in completing the work you do. Most small businesses begin by hiring contractors from outside their home country, and that’s where the standard digital wallet can help or hinder you as a business owner. Here are some of... [Read more of this review]

How to Accept Credit Cards In Store and Online

There are a few steps to pay attention to as you scout payment gateway services to find one that will work for your business. From specifying the type of product you sell (high risk or not), to establishing the rate and how you want to do business, it’s not as simple as swiping a card and calling it a day. Here are some tips to help you get what you... [Read more of this review]

The Typical Transaction Process for an Online Merchant Account

A typical merchant account consists of two components: the first is the account itself, the second is the payment gateway that acts as the vessel to move money from place to place. You can think of the account like a car, and the gateway like a highway. Except this car is anonymous, it has a license plate that changes every time it takes a trip down... [Read more of this review]

Payment Processing Best Practices

Customer safety is one of the biggest priorities a merchant should have when using a payment processor. Today, the exchange of information over the Internet is an integral part of processing a transaction. If a merchant provider fails to properly encrypt its gateway, allowing others to view data being sent or received, it presents a massive risk to... [Read more of this review]

Why Nuclear Power is a Smart Investment

Whether you’re looking to invest in energy companies, or a major player in the market yourself, nuclear represents an opportunity easily overlooked. The stigma associated with nuclear has clouded the media’s view on this valuable source of energy, but as this article explores, nuclear is part of a viable path forward to power the world’s energy... [Read more of this review]

Retirement: Selling Your Home or Keeping It

When you retire you face some difficult decisions as a homeowner. When you’re on the verge of retirement, you’re face with multiple options in regards to your home. You can keep your current home or you can sell it and downsize. Either way is catered to your preferred lifestyle so it would be wrong to say that one option is better than the other.... [Read more of this review]

Pre-Nup Agreement Is Not Always the Final Say

Written by: Riley Khorram If you are facing divorce, but can’t live with the pre-nup agreement you signed, you can contest it with the help of a Long Beach divorce attorney. Pre-nup agreements can anticipate a lot, but sometimes life takes turns that you wouldn’t dream up when you and your spouse signed your agreement. Maybe your situation... [Read more of this review]

The Importance of Paying Off Your Home Mortgage before Retirement

Most homeowners await the day that they see their final mortgage monthly bill. Not only can they find peace that they no longer have a mortgage burdening them, but they also can also truly call their home their own. Advisors have long suggested homeowners to fully pay off their mortgage before they hit retirement. Unfortunately for many, financial hardship... [Read more of this review]

Tips for Showing a Property to Prospective Buyers

If you’re trying to sell your first house, you might have noticed the market is on the competitive side right now. This is because there are greater numbers of millennials entering the market, and these people have very specific ideas in mind for their first home. Here are some tips you can use to try and stage your home to sell for millennial buyers. Appearances Millenial... [Read more of this review]

Allocating 30% of Your Budget to Housing Costs

Housing is one of the most important, and largest, purchases that people make today. You’re always going to need a roof over your head and when it comes time to shop for one, you’ll want the best for you and your family. But, many buyers get a bit too carried away and purchase a house that’s out of their budget. The importance of limiting your... [Read more of this review]